16737571_MWith so much technology at your grasp, it may be daunting to see what types would be best to help your company keep pace with changing times. The field is often wide open with choices for companies that specialize in manufacturing, and figuring out the best to use can be a giant task in and of itself.

There are some ways to get past the barriers of your manufacturing business with some boosts from new technology. Here are some ideas for you to consider:

Clearing the hurdles

Before you start looking at the future, though, it’s a great idea to learn from the past. The technology news website SME has a list of potential barriers to bringing in the latest technology into a manufacturing business. Among those in that list:

  • Not understanding the pain points, or how to solve them
  • Tools that mean a replacement for cost-ineffective current equipment
  • Data concerns, including not being able to keep it in a convenient online space
  • Using tools to analyze that had long learning curves
  • Finding tech that can’t be easily scaled to a company’s needs beyond the demo

There are several types of technology that can help manufacturing companies break through those barriers and create some positive change. Here’s a look at just a few of those technologies, all listed in an article in Forbes.

The Internet of Things (IoT)

Use of these tools can provide faster data through solutions that are connected. This can strengthen a company’s strategy, increase safety, better control costs and improve efficiencies.

Predictive maintenance
It’s possible to check for deficiencies in machinery during the operational stage during this part of the process, all with data that is gathered in real time. Alerts can be set up during tests and monitoring to warn when equipment is imbalanced or even when it’s obsolete.

Virtual technology
The hybrid workplace means there’s a need for remote monitors, service and operations. By using AI, machine learning or augmented reality, workers can achieve more from remote locations, making it a more flexible and safer workplace without sacrificing quality.

As you start to consider using more of the latest digital tools to better your business, you can rely on us to be a steady guide to what works and what doesn’t. As an IT solution provider with offices around the world, we can design and implement advanced network infrastructures and data center environments that can better address your capabilities and your future goals.

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