???????????Resources are finite, especially after experiencing the financial consequences of a global pandemic. Today’s companies and leaders must find ways to do more with less. Staff augmentation offers such a value proposition.

Staff augmentation allows companies to bring in qualified IT experts to work alongside their existing team members. At the same time, the contracted consulting firms also provide feedback on how the company might streamline its processes. They’ll likely start with a thorough assessment to understand the company’s mission, pain points and how to best leverage the talents of the third-party professionals.

There are many reasons companies elect to go this route instead of venturing into the traditional hiring processes. Here are 5 reasons your firm might consider IT staff augmentation:

  • Value: Companies that might have operations that require a variation in headcount would benefit from staff augmentation because it’s costly to train up talent. Too, this approach minimizes the cost of hiring and maintaining a full house of W2 employees.
  • Efficiency: It’s relatively easy for companies to marry staff augmentation talent with their existing framework than to try and align those processes with external work teams. And, as mentioned above, those processes can be fine-tuned and tightened up, resulting in greater profitability.
  • Speed: Need it done yesterday? The nature of most IT projects requires an aggressive timeline that’s virtually impossible to meet without the help of additional resources. In this case, staff augmentation is really the only clear answer, because you have qualified talent at your fingertips, thus eliminating the time necessary to search for candidates.
  • Agency: Traditional outsourcing means the company can lose some or a lot of control. In contrast, by using IT staff augmentation, the corporation retains its authority over the project, its milestones, and who oversees specific tasks. Ultimately, this ensures that projects are completed with the corporation as the acting party, not an outsourcing firm.
  • Expertise: Projects often require a certain savvy. Hiring full-time staff with a pre-determined skill set is not necessarily the best solution unless you can justify the time and expense with volume. That’s why staff augmentation is an attractive option because you can leverage talent with specialized skills relevant to the job at hand.

Interested in learning more about how staff augmentation can meet your needs? Our staff augmentation services provide access to needed resources in a model that can scale up or down quickly, enabling you to manage fluctuating needs and aggressive project timelines. Our processes remove much of the risk associated with finding high-level consultants for critical projects and our global reach in more than 150 countries will meet your staff augmentation needs wherever they may arise. Contact us to start a conversation.