Virtualization is proven to deliver key business benefits, including increased server utilization, reduced real estate and energy costs, faster application provisioning, streamlined operations, and improved availability and disaster recovery. AVASO can help you realize these benefits by designing and implementing a virtualized environment that reduces data centre overhead while ensuring that the data centre infrastructure meets demanding service-level requirements.

We also help customers avoid the pitfalls of virtualization — including performance bottlenecks, management challenges and virtual machine sprawl — through our proven methodologies and architectural approach. Our engineers have a deep understanding of virtualization technologies complemented by our broad expertise in data centre solutions. 

AVASO helps ensure your success by: 

  • Assessing the potential impact of virtualization on the data center environment
  • Selecting workloads suitable for virtualization 
  • Ensuring that the compute, storage and network infrastructure can support virtualization
  • Addressing software licensing issues

 Our engineers can further help customers develop a strategy for transforming the virtualized environment into a platform for cloud services. Integrated management, automation and orchestration enable the rapid provisioning and optimized delivery of IT services in a private cloud model.