Unified Communications

Unified communications creates a single platform for voice, video, email, chat, social collaboration and other applications, all of which can be accessed and blended on demand. Contextual presence enables users to see whether someone is available, busy, away from their computer or offline, as well as what communications channels and devices are available to the end-user. Users can also switch among various communications channels and increase or decrease the number of participants within a single session. 

AVASO can provide expertise in the design, implementation and support of unified communications solutions and can help customers eliminate communications silos that sap productivity. With a unified communications solution from AVASO, you can: 

  • Increase efficiency by eliminating multiple inboxes
  • Reduce “phone tag” through presence and shared calendaring applications
  • Enhance customer service through easier accessibility 

Unified communications solutions can be complex to deploy and typically require extensive integration and customization. Our engineers consult with you to determine your pain points and opportunities to improve communications, and architect a solution that maximizes both time-to-value and ROI.