Staff Augmentation

AVASO is truly a global leader in staff augmentation services. Our clients have been able to successfully tackle their biggest operational challenges by leveraging our staff augmentation services. Our reach is scalable, global and can support both a short-term project and a long-term placement on budget and with unparalleled speed. AVASO has been able to place secured personnel in DoD environments outside the United States… a specific challenge that for many organizations can cost nearly 10x the salary of the placed individual. We locate candidates who not only meet technical qualifications but complement your team and goals ensuring rapid measurable results. 

Our dedicated staff augmentation team leverages a vast pool of technical resources to provide virtually any IT skill imaginable anywhere in the world. We can help find skilled IT professionals to meet a wide range of needs including:  

  • Short- and long-term assignments  
  • Resource gaps  
  • Large-scale, iterative deployments  
  • Complex projects  

 Our staff augmentation services provide access to needed resources in a model that can scale up or down quickly, enabling you to manage fluctuating needs and aggressive project timelines. Our processes remove much of the risk associated with finding high-level consultants for critical projects and our global reach in more than 150 countries will meet your staff augmentation needs wherever they may arise.  

The Possibilities Are Limitless

Staff augmentation delivers the technical expertise you need to achieve your business goals without the time and cost associated with internal training and skill development. The AVASO staff augmentation group is able to leverage a vast pool of technical resources to provide virtually any IT skill imaginable anywhere in the world. Our staff augmentation services provide access to needed skill sets in a model that can scale up or down quickly, enabling you to manage fluctuating needs and aggressive project timelines.  

AVASO’s staff augmentation specialists have the expertise to help IT managers define the high-level skill requirements for critical projects. AVASO engineers thoroughly vet all candidates whether they come through our partners or recruiters or from our own bench. As a result our staff augmentation services save time, money and headaches while providing the expertise needed to close skills gaps and tackle complex projects.  

We Speak IT  

Many IT staffing firms lack expertise in technical disciplines. AVASO has a proven track record of success in the design, architecture, implementation and support of a wide range of technology solutions. We understand technology systems and are adept at finding resources that match each customer’s project requirements, operating model and culture as well as other important intangible aspects.  

In addition, AVASO’s staff augmentation services help customers reduce financial, technical and organizational risks by leveraging the vast expertise of AVASO’s Professional Services Group. Our consultants and engineers play a key role in identifying and vetting candidates.  

Filling Complex Requirements  

The hiring processes within many organizations do not adequately support highly complex IT projects. Human resources specialists are adept at filling core IT positions that have job descriptions and well-defined requirements. Staffing requirements for high-level projects are often more complex and fluid, and may require expertise well outside traditional recruitment channels.  AVASO’s staff augmentation team can help organizations rapidly locate and mobilize subject-matter experts (SMEs) for high-level, client-managed projects and other in-house requirements.

Given today’s complex IT environments, it is virtually impossible for any organization to maintain all the skill sets needed for every requirement. AVASO has many years of experience rapidly bringing the right resources to bear for complex projects, large-scale deployment, short-term assignments and other contract staffing needs. AVASO’s Professional Services Group can tap a global network of literally thousands of high-end engineers, consultants and developers to quickly provide qualified candidates to fill resource gaps.