In today’s “big data” environment, highly scalable and flexible storage is more important than ever. AVASO has a proven track record of success helping organizations manage explosive data growth and ensure that vital information assets are available across the extended enterprise. From high-capacity enterprise storage products to scale-out architectures and unified storage, AVASO offers a comprehensive suite of storage solutions for every need and budget. 

We also provide storage products that meet the demands of data-intensive workloads and cloud computing models. High-performance disk, flash and hybrid storage solutions enable customers to consolidate the storage infrastructure and optimize utilization while improving efficiency and responsiveness. 

Our engineers have extensive experience in enterprise-class storage technologies from industry-leading manufacturers, and provide full lifecycle services encompassing every aspect of the storage environment: 

  • Storage assessments 
  • Consulting and capacity planning 
  • Design, project management and implementation
  • Data migration
  • Encryption and security
  • Periodic health checks 

Our engineers can architect a robust storage platform to support the virtualized data centre and accelerate the journey to the cloud. With AVASO as a partner, you can gain a more agile, cost-efficient storage environment.