top view of man hand using VOIP headset with digital tablet compIt’s almost an understatement to realize that technology moves at a faster pace than most companies can fathom. It seems like every quarter there’s something new on the horizon and it can get overwhelming sometimes.

This is especially true in the communications world and even with 5G still on the minds of most, there is a 6G plan that’s in the works from the biggest providers out there. It’s also likely to bring an even faster loading and service experience than its 5G predecessor.

We’ve been checking out what people are already saying about 6G, which is being touted as being commercially available in 2030. Although it’s always a good idea to take any future forecasting with a grail of salt, here are some aspects of the new network that people are already talking about.

A new kind of chip
According to the sources we saw, there is research being conducted now in Singapore and Japan to use different frequencies that can solve some of the continuing latency issues that wireless networks experience. For instance, chips are being created that use terahertz waves, or THz. This means that a different frequency can measure absorption and then adjust to bring a more quality-centric experience to a wireless network.

The need for even more speed

When it comes to actual speed rates, there are estimates that 6G could be 100 times faster than what’s seen on 5G. One example showed a researcher that transmitted data at 11 gigabytes per second, which exceeds what 5G can do at its maximum effort of 10/gps.

Connecting better with AI and ML
It’s almost assured that 6G will go a long way in supporting and networking with Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning capabilities. That type of integration isn’t a strong a part of 5G now, but some believe that AI sensing will increase, so different networks and software can communicate with each other without as much need for engineers, making decisions that can be automated to an even greater degree than today within the Internet of Things.

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