11022962_MIt’s a simple fact of technological life: if you have a data center, you need to show that it is complying with the standards set by the industry. While it can be seen as routine, it’s an important step to always plan for and remember.

What makes it a bit dicier these days is the changing standards for data auditing itself. Often regulations will be nuanced differently over time, or new standards are set that must be addressed.

We wanted to discuss these two aspects: what is happening with current regulations and what steps need to be taken concerning data center audits. Both are important to be aware of to maintain compliance and ensure centers are truly secure.

What is changing with audit needs

As far as the most recent changes go, one of the biggest was the creation of SSAE 18, which sets a standard for managing customer data. It was a substantial addition, as it consolidated two other outmoded compliance standards into just one improved one, adding additional reporting details along the way.

Another significant change happened last year, as the industry began use of PCI DSS 4.0. This is specifically a standard for payment processing, including more strict customer authentication and security requirements.

Specific processes to help with audits

Whether compliance has evolved or not, there are some simple aspects to remember to make audits go smoothly once they are actually taking place. Here are four attributes to remember as plans for audits take place:

Find security gaps. This is where administrators look closely at a network to see if there are any vulnerabilities, exposures or other risks.
Check physical access. Here, you should see who explicitly controls the devices in your network. Monitoring equipment in data centers may also need to be installed or checked.
Have a plan for incidents. Documentation of what everyone’s role would be in case a data incident needs to be crafted and tested.
Don’t forget to train. All staffers should undergo training about compliance and their stake in it, including new employees during orientation.

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