happy creative workers with laptops at officeThere’s been a lot of talk in digital transformation circles about the concept of digital dexterity. It’s an intersection where philosophy is just as important as a process or a piece of software or hardware.

We believe it’s worth businesses exploring their own digital dexterity, especially to see if gaps in their current situation can be addressed through some analysis of how business is approached. It’s a process that takes time, but it can also reap rewards.

Here’s a look at what digital dexterity means in the business world and how you may be better able to harness it.

How digital dexterity works

Three digital dexterity components need to be examined: beliefs, mindsets, and behaviors. It’s through these areas that a business can go through a transformation that could be impactful in a positive way.

There are four main aspects that you should be looking at with dexterity in the digital world:

Ambitions to work digitally
This is where your business views data and technology proficiency as vital to career advancement. It’s also where you have staff willing to take on new roles to support digital planning that can advance the company.

Ability to work digitally
This is where the ability to work 24/7 from anywhere in the world comes into play. It’s also important to see where you can best adapt to work on initiatives with unclear or unsettled requirements.

Ambitions to build digital business
Here, you’ll want to see if you take innovations and risks to pursue greater opportunities or effectiveness and if digitalization is critical to your success.

Ability to build digital business
This is where you see how buy-in at all levels – from senior leadership to workers – makes it easier to set direction and take digital transformation opportunities. It’s also where you take action to obtain the necessary technology to do your best work.

Where to look for growth opportunities

It’s clear from these settings for digital dexterity that there is room for continuous growth and improvement in that regard. Experts cite three specific areas that can be looked at for positive dexterity growth.

  • Ensuring that the company’s vision and mission align with the requirements for better outcomes.
  • Making sure that method expertise and subject matter knowledge are at their highest functional level.
  • Evolving systems to scale and understanding how technology choices and systems inform decisions and successful implementation.

Working as a partner for your success

Whether it’s digital transformations or more specific innovations that will be coming our way, AVASO can help with decisions on whether it’s right for you as well as implementation if you decide to take that leap.

As an IT solution provider with offices worldwide, we can design and implement advanced network infrastructures and data center environments scaled to what your capabilities need to continue your progress. Let us help you create your own success story — learn more on our website.