It’s not necessarily a bad thing, but the connection to the Internet has truly become tethered to productivity. A clear, usable connection can mean???????????????????????e hours of interrupted work, sometimes at high speed. When you have a difficult connection, you have to leave your desk to talk to an expert or figure and figure out how to fix it.

Knowing what could be causing network problems is the best use of time, even if you don’t handle IT issues entirely. To give you some idea of what could be going wrong, we’re sharing a few ideas from two different technology websites — Make Use Of (MUO) and Tech Target.

This is by no means an exhaustive list, but these are some common problems you should be aware of.

Use that Task Manager app

Using this tool, you can check if something is consuming too much CPU, memory, or disk power. You might also want to restart Task Manager if you aren’t getting a good reading. In addition, it’s a great time to make sure your security software hasn’t found a terrible virus that could be slowing down your system.

Check your connectivity

Check any connections to your computer, just to make sure nothing has been unplugged or is loose. If your laptop has a manual wireless switch, make sure it is not turned off.

Go through the power cycle

It might be helpful to restart things in this order: computer, modem, router. After they’re powered down, wait about 60 seconds before powering them back up: modem, router, computer.

Looking at VLAN and VPN

Ensure that you don’t get a “failure to connect” error by checking these aspects of your system. Check your login window to make sure that you are using the right credentials and that your service is current. To see if you can still access a VPN or VLAN vendor, you may also need to switch to Ethernet or Wi-Fi.

Getting help beyond DIY

You can help things, but it could be a problem with performance, scalability, or resilience if you are your own solution. The experienced, certified engineers at AVASO can assist with network integration, design, and deployment. Visit our website to find out how we can assist.