Serious middle aged executive manager explaining colleague online workSometimes, a company needs an expert from the outside to help tackle a huge challenge. This is definitely true when dealing with international business and technology, where it may be challenging to find someone with the right qualifications who can also work at a high rate of speed to solve that challenge — or others as they arise.

This is one reason staff augmentation has become such an important part of providing services to companies. Whether short-term or long-term assignments, filling resource gaps or working within large-scale iterative deployments, the right help can now be found much easier than it used to be.

We wanted to share some information about staff augmentation, including how it can benefit any type of business, no matter the location or the concerns it faces.

Defining staff augmentation

Let’s first talk about what staff augmentation actually means. Basically, it is elevating your team by outsourcing other experts to help with technological needs. If you have a gap and a big project that needs to take place quickly, working with a company that can fill that need becomes a valuable resource.

It’s especially a strong solution if you have a specific tech stack concern where you need a higher level of expertise to ensure it will be most effective. It’s also a solution that can be cost-effective as opposed to hiring full-time staff for shorter-term efforts.

Clear advantages

Here are just a few of the reasons why staff augmentation is gaining ground in the business world:

Truly augmenting internal teams: This way, you can better and more efficiently continue the workload of our current staff and keep the work flowing steadily, preventing missed deadlines and work stoppage on other projects.

The right person for the job: Having the combination of expertise and experience can be a big boon for a particular project, especially if it is a complex one.

Making scaling easier: If you need to ramp up due to any number of factors, the temporary but resourceful help of an augmented staff member can be a cost-effective way to find the right person for the right, but limited, time.

We can help with IT needs

At AVASO, we have many years of experience rapidly bringing the right resources to you for complex projects, large-scale needs or any other contract staffing needs.

Our professional services division can tap into a global network of literally thousands of high-end engineers, consultants and developers. That way, your resource gaps are filled by some of the most qualified candidates out there.

To learn more about what we can do for staff augmentation, or other services, go to our website.