119433673_MIn previous posts, we’ve talked about the types of terms we’ve encountered that are being adopted by companies around the world. Not every buzzword ends up sticking — and in fact, some are just different terms for something that’s been around forever.

In some ways, that’s what is happening with the term “digital resilience.” What does it mean to have this be a part of the technology you use? As it turns out, it’s taking several different ideas and grouping them into one philosophy that greatly affects the way you do business. Recent stories on the World Economic Forum’s website and Forbes talk about digital resilience, offering some ideas on how companies can ensure they are working within this realm. Long story short: a lot of it comes down to trust.

Making sure your company is resilient

Overall, digital resilience means that you’re working to protect the information that your business uses, whether it’s from customers, employees, or within the solutions. This can be a challenge in some ways, in that large companies control the global supplies of cloud-based data storing options.

There are things that smaller companies can do, though. Making sure that you are validating that data is secure, including SOC2 reporting, can be one such tool. It’s also important to keep employees abreast of security concerns and to know how to solve issues if they come up.

The ultimate result of better resilience

Where this comes into play the most is beyond just cybersecurity. It can lead to more customers and better growth overall. Here’s one example from the WEF site – a recent study showed that 46% of consumers will switch brands if they don’t know a company’s data practices, or if they are unclear as to their safety. This increased to 50% among the lucrative millennial and Gen Z audiences.

Also, that same study noted that companies that demonstrate digital resilience are 1.6 times more likely than average to see more than 10% percent growth in revenue within three years of establishing it.

Ways we can help with support

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