49085786 - view of a young attractive man working in a call centerYou’ve probably heard the phrase before: The Great Resignation. This refers to the phenomenon of how many people have left the conventional physical workplaces and more low-paying jobs in droves for better opportunities.

When it comes to IT, remote work can be plentiful, as it’s not as essential to be in the office when dealing with technical concerns that can be solved in the cloud.

What can be a challenge, though, is finding the right skills for your needs. The constant change that’s a part of working in technology requires some specialized skills that may be hard to find in any kind of worker-business landscape, let alone one that has been changed from the pandemic.

Flexibility is the key to top talent

It’s clear that the move to remote work due to COVID-19 is not only here to stay, it’s also becoming a preference for some workers. A story on CNBC’s Make It business website notes that jobs allowing for work-from-home are receiving seven times more applications than traditional office jobs.

There’s also a Pew Research survey that illustrates this. According to the finding, 61% of people who currently work remotely said they don’t want to return to an office environment. The reasons include productivity increases at home, more work-life balance and a desire to remain safe from potential health dangers.

One issue with this continued reliance on remote work can either solve or be a hindrance to the skill sets that are needed for companies and IT. Someone who knows the cloud in every way can be located anywhere — but are they already gainfully employed?

Concerns over skillset

When hiring for a specific skill need, there are definitely ways to assess that person to help if there’s a labor shortage in the industry where you are in business. An article on IT Pro Portal’s website presents some ideas to consider:

Assess things well: Before you even start to look for others, consider what actually is needed. Having a clear assessment of your gaps will be essential to find out who needs to be hired, especially with aspects of your business that are client-or-consumer driven more than others.

Hire a top trainer: If you’re short-handed in a certain area, finding someone who can educate others on your team in certain areas can certainly be a positive. It means less day-to-day work for that new hire, but it could be a lifesaver in the long term.

Look outside of traditional IT: Whether it’s an internal employee with interest or someone who may have transferable skills but isn’t working in a traditional IT setting, the solution to your staffing concern might take some stretching and fitting. This is not a bad thing — just do the due diligence to make sure this would really work for your needs.

How AVASO can help bridge these gaps 

Although there are clear challenges in finding the right IT talent for your business, knowing specifically what you are looking for, as well as what’s available in your market or remotely, can help solve any concerns you may have.

AVASO can also be a help for staffing needs. With our Staff Augmentation program, we can place the right experts in design, architecture, implementation and support for your business.

The right team can help reduce risk and fulfill requirements for any IT needs. Find out what we can offer on our website.