Business today runs on technology – and for good reason. Being able to operate at such an efficient rate through the power of technology has11448826_M been a great boon to any organization.

A crucial aspect of the modern business world is technical support. Having people who can work through any kind of issue or concern within a reasonable time frame is crucial.

Here are a few insights into what tech support means these days, and what businesses can receive for their investment, besides the peace of mind of knowing that someone is there to help.

What exactly is tech support and what do they do?

First, let’s define this concept. According to Technopedia, the role of a tech support person is mostly a troubleshooter, providing users with the solutions to the technology they are using. Sometimes it can involve training on how to use a certain product, but not always.

Support for technical issues can also be delivered in a variety of resource models. A company can pay for contracted support through time and materials, which is more hands-on and more rate-driven. There are also managed services, where a company pays for support. Support systems that allow you to purchase block hours for a certain amount of time, depending on the project, are also available.

How tech support can help

Forbes has an article about the impact of tech support. The article talks about a law firm’s decision to hire a team to help with this aspect of their business.

The author of the story pointed out these advantages to that decision:

  • On-demand help is available in a cyber-secure environment.
  • Remote access makes it easier for maintenance, updates and troubleshooting to take place.
  • Better response times for needed repairs or technical concerns.
  • Cost savings to the company.

Ways we can help with support

Among our services here at AVASO is field engineering support, in which we provide IT services in more than 150+ countries around the world, including the U.S., the U.K., Mexico, India and Japan, among others.

With decades of experience deploying data center and infrastructure solutions, we can also provide practice leaders, solution architects or senior engineers through our professional services program. For specific types of resource gaps or more complex projects, we also offer staff augmentation programs.

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