Team of specialists managing network serverIt’s a simple fact of life: the way that technology is routed and used by businesses can be complex. As a result, there may be concerns or issues that pop up even for companies that have experts in infrastructure or networking as part of their teams.

We understand this well, as we notice the advances of technology and see how integrating them into existing systems — or rebuilding systems altogether to accommodate them — can cause some challenges.

There are definitely some concerns to consider as you work with new technology — and we have some advice from experts that can help with planning for these potential issues.

Resolving issues with infrastructure

According to the Insights for Professionals website, several infrastructure challenges are common among businesses. It’s important to keep these in mind as you look to marry convenience with security.

Managing increasing data
It’s important to ensure that you have enough storage and management, as well as the system’s capabilities to handle more. Higher-performing systems and more efficient real-time monitoring of usage can be helpful here.

Lack of cloud access

Cloud computing has become a norm, especially with hybrid work still at the forefront. Having robust cloud service that can handle data storage and manage computing is essential these days.

It’s more of a growing concern for all businesses as companies try to reduce carbon footprints and utilize cleaner and more efficient energy sources. Knowing what you have access to, and what you can afford, is essential in the long run.

Identifying issues when they occur

There is a methodology that needs to be in place to troubleshoot any issues that you may have with infrastructure or networks, and the first step of this is to identify the problem itself. While that sounds like common sense, it is something that needs to be done step-by-step and is repeatable.

Here’s a look at what the CompTIA learning website discusses when trying to identify the specific program at hand.

Get info: Find out how the network is working currently and then see what troubleshooting tools you may have on hand.
Duplicate the issue: Use a test piece of hardware or software with the same properties.
Talk to users: Find out what exactly is taking place directly.
Figure out the symptoms: If there are connection issues, slowness or other concerns, find those out and identify them.
Do some detective work: Are there new hardware, software or apps in use that may be the source of the issue? This is where you can assess that.
Define each issue: If it could be more than one source for the troubles, then you’ll need to make sure each one has a plan of action to be solved.

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