Double exposure of businessman shows modern technology as concepThe data center is a truly vital link in making your business operate at its best. With technology truly transforming the way data is being used, it’s important to ensure that the data is protected and is easy to access by those who need to use it.

As part of the work we do, AVASO has several solutions that help with the data center, strengthening its capabilities and helping you with crucial concerns that are often a part of using data. Here is a look at what can be provided.

Storage technology
Engineers can have the capability to provide full lifecycle services that can encompass every aspect of the storage environment. These include storage assessments, capacity planning, design, implementation, data migration, health checks and encryption.

Backup and recovery

Companies need end-to-end data protection solutions that are scalable, quick and optimized for the virtual environment. This means that data center and virtualization backup solutions are a must. It’s also important to have systems for replication, disaster recovery, de-duplication and backup management.

Integration for computing is also important, as a full-fledged integration center can provide end-to-end design, configuration, deployment and support for computing solutions. Migrating from legacy systems to a more standards-based architecture is also important with scalability.

Converged infrastructure
This is a combination of computing, network and storage technology and tools, all working in integration to consolidate your data center’s work. It includes a virtual desktop infrastructure, unified communications and collaboration tools, enterprise applications and private cloud usage.

Designing and implementing a virtual environment has been a true game-changer for many businesses. In order to move to a virtual environment, engineers need to assess the potential impact of the move on data, select suitable workloads, ensure that infrastructure can support it and address any issues with software licensing before rollout.

Software-defined data centers

This takes virtualization a step further by establishing shared pools of resources that go beyond straightforward server platforms. It includes use of a controller to integrate all your devices, managing storage with a single resource and using cloud infrastructure and management for it all.

A global focus to our efforts

AVASO can work with you as you continue to transform the digital workspace that your employees use. We can do this on a global scale, as we cover IT services in more than 150+ countries around the world, including the U.S., the U.K., Mexico, India and Japan, among many others.

To ensure your technology is the best it can be, we can provide practice leaders, solution architects or senior engineers through our professional services program, bringing decades of experience to deploying data center and infrastructure solutions.

We also have several staff augmentation programs for specific types of resource gaps or more complex projects. 

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