Robot Examining InvoiceWe don’t need to tell you that technology breakthroughs move at a fast pace. Keeping up with what is available in the marketplace for businesses and what can be the most effective use of that tech space can be a full-time job in and of itself.

Luckily, there are some analysts out there who have spotted some trends and making some predictions for the year ahead. Recent articles in ZD Net and Forbes point the way to what’s emerging for business use in the future. We picked out some key ones for you to watch that we believe will be game-changers.

Augmented reality keeps gaining ground. 

There are still many hurdles to using AR – including establishing more trust in its security and more accessible software and hardware for its use – but there’s still plenty of money being spent and research on this aspect of technology. It’s worth keeping tabs on what AR can do for businesses.

The new world of ambient computing

This is where computing blends into the environment or is embedded into the traditional way we do business. Devices can work together to be a one-stop experience for technology use instead of using multiple products to get the job done. The use of AI as a part of this will continue to evolve the concept in the long term.

Deeper evolution in Web3

The use of blockchain will likely make web and cloud-based products even more prevalent. More decentralized services and products will be created around blockchain, which means access to technology will increase and more significant interaction will be possible.

Digital twins in the workplace 

A digital twin is a virtual simulation of a process or product used in testing in the digital environment. You are creating a physical object inside a virtual space, which means that various scenarios can be safely tested before something is brought to use — or market — in the “real world.”

Providing services and knowledge to your business 

Now, none of these predictions mean that you will need to go out and purchase and install a bunch of stuff overnight to keep up with the tech Joneses. It’s always essential to understand and know what type of new technology will work best for you and your business strategy and future needs. As an IT solution provider with offices around the world, AVASO can offer to help you with this. We provide the entire lifecycle of services, no matter where your company might be for tech needs.

We can design and implement advanced network infrastructures and data center environments scaled to what your capabilities need to continue your progress. We also can find the right staff to help make those plans come to life. To learn more about the full range of what we offer, go to the AVASO website.