hand holding a light bulb with energy on fresh green nature backOne of the most pressing concerns in the tech world is sustainability. Making sure that the environment is protected as well as your data has become a value of forward-thinking companies.

The question, though, is how to make sure you’re doing all you can. Sustainability is indeed something that isn’t as tangible as it seems. As it’s still evolving alongside innovation, it can be hard to quantify and measure success.

We have some ideas on what that all means. We’re sharing this advice to help you decide how you can positively affect the environment with your own sustainability plans.

Where to look for sustainability

A recent report on the CIO news website speaks to areas where leaders can push for more sustainability. As one example of how to affect the environment, a report from Science Direct cited in the story notes that IT and communications now produce 4% of the CO2 that is produced around the world — with 14% expected to be reached in 20 years if present usage continues.

There are three different areas where a company can best affect sustainability.

Net zero: This is where you pledge to use more established green software practices to reduce energy consumption.

Trust: This requires a balance between creating less energy usage while also building systems that are transparent while also accessible. At the same time, privacy is still a concern and should also be addressed.

Governance: This is where the leaders of a company put the environment at the center of any strategic plans for expansion or development of new technology.

A look at what’s taking place now

There are suggestions that there has been some progress in sustainability across industries. According to a study this year from Accenture, 78% of the companies surveyed have analyzed how a sustainability plan would affect their business, while 59% have taken that extra step to launch a new strategy for the environment as part of their mission or purpose.

At the same time, only 7% of the companies surveyed have taken the final step and fully integrated sustainability into their workplans and strategy. Progress is happening, but it is slower than many have expected.

AVASO cares about the environment

As for our part in all of this, AVASO has a corporate social responsibility plan. It ensures that we’re actively engaged in environmental sustainability efforts for the technology we use.

Our company values are respect, integrity, responsibility and teamwork. We integrate these concepts into our operations and organizational culture. We strive with you to make the world a better place, where a giving service attitude is at the forefront of the work we do together.

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