Double exposure of Professional businessman connecting cloud tecAs more technology becomes prevalent in the businesses world, the need to have a more robust IT infrastructure becomes more acute. A stronger infrastructure ensures that you can use the apps, programs and hardware when you need them.

There’s a prescribed method to make sure that you’re truly optimizing your IT infrastructure. Working through three steps, you should be able to determine what’s needed to maximize the use of your technology.


This is the big first step: figuring out why you need to optimize in the first place. When working in the audit stage, you should be looking at the current performance of all components of IT solutions and also explore scenarios related to what will happen when you need to start rebuilding or strengthening your current assets.


Once you’ve defined what’s available and how it’s performing, it’s best to then come up with a comprehensive plan. This roadmap should address how the process is going to take place, weighing the budget and the potential risks so there are surprises. Goals should be set at this stage as well, to be measured later, in terns of increased performance.

Now we’re at the final of the three steps. This is where there may be roadblocks to address as the implementation takes place, including the cost of scaling, potential security concerns and tracking usage and capacity of the current range of tools vs. what’s being newly implemented.

The power of converged infrastructure
When it comes to infrastructure, AVASO can offer you convergence — where computing, storage and networking technologies can work together with management tools in an integrated manner. It makes things easier for cloud and virtualization services and also increases the speed of use for high-performance applications.

The best approaches for converged infrastructure are virtual desktops, data center consolidations, enterprise apps, unified communications and collaboration and private cloud. Acting in this role, we test and validate the infrastructure solutions to ensure they’re in sync with the many types of workloads. Companies who use these solutions are also able to do more with the current resources available, while also optimizing performance to meet changing demands.

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