Female leader talking to diverse colleagues at corporate group meetingThe access to technology that can better cloud services and automation have widened a business. An IT department is no longer the only place where new tech originates or gets installed.

This new frontier means that companies need to think more about involving more of the employee base in the decisions that might affect the company’s technology. This is a reason why the idea of collaborative design is gaining ground.

We wanted to share some expert info about collaborative design and how it could benefit your business.

How co-design began

The three main aspects of collaborative design are prioritizing the relationships that touch technology in the workplace; using the available creative tools; and building greater capabilities. In co-design, leaders join with the users to select the right technology for them and decide how adoption will take place.

A key difference is that both groups are on equal ground, beyond the strict business/IT walls that most companies put up in the regular business model.

Organizing your thoughts

A big part of the co-design movement is the use of processes common to software engineers and architects. It includes using storyboards, affinity diagrams, journey maps and statement analysis to arrive at decisions.

Once decisions on what to bring to the company are made, it’s an important finishing step to discuss regulations. Co-design groups must agree on how automation and augmentation will be used to ensure it fits in with federal labor protection compliance and discriminatory policies.

How we can help with a collaborative effort

As you continue to advance with technology and its use, we can help with the steps to ensure everything is running smoothly for all your stakeholders, whether they are our customers or your own employees or staff.

We can also be the subject matter expert to help you or your teams decide what will work best to replace systems or other data or software as the latest and greatest becomes available. That’s among the many other duties we can undertake to help you operate at your best.

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