happy creative workers with laptops at officeComputer networking has been doing its best to keep up with the latest technology, despite the massive uptick in data volume, device use and the great equalizer of the cloud.

As with any technology, networking is evolving with the times and sometimes in ways that would have seemed unfathomable as little as five years ago.

Here’s a look at what we’ve been seeing as far as trends go, and what we expect will continue to transform the landscape as the year progresses.

The continued rollout of new internet protocols

We are currently on version 6 of the traditional internet protocol addressing system, and it will still take several years to bring IPv6 online to everyone. It replaces IPv4 (yes, we skipped a number there).

This means that more IP addresses will be available for use, which is needed for the continued rise of providers and devices that need them. V6 also will help with security and efficiency concerns.

AI’s evolution

With computer processing speeds being tweaked even further than ever, AI will be poised to expand further for business applications. Adding sensors and network interfaces to AI will help with application development, while faster wireless speeds will contribute to making AI more widely available.

It’s also important to note that security and trust concerns will always follow AI, and plans are already underway for its use to be strengthened.

A new type of enhanced WAN

Flexibility is what is being touted for SD-WAN. This is a software-defined wide area network, which means that broadband internet can be utilized to give cloud access for more of the hybrid business flow in this current climate.

At some point, SD-WAN will be considered the norm for wireless systems. Still, for now, it’s in an experimental phase that will be used to gauge how to increase business agility and improve security and overall productivity.

Keeping up with the technology

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