cloud computing technologyThe technology revolution has been ongoing for decades now, and it shows no signs of slowing. Along with the innovation that has become part and parcel of providing solutions to businesses, there are also more spinoffs than a popular TV series out there.

One of the more intriguing advances is multi-cloud. To meet the challenges of businesses using and generating more data, cloud services can be stacked from two or more vendors that can work in sync with improved technology.

Among the pluses of multi-cloud include making collaboration more fluid and easier to navigate. It may also make developing a richer and more creative experience, with more tools at the disposal of those who work with projects or products. It can also provide some substantial cost savings, according to some experts.

For someone with an interest in implementing multi-cloud, a preliminary consideration is infrastructure. Experts believe that tech leaders should assess if having more than one cloud is best for work that’s distributed across locations. The need for portable workspace isn’t going away anytime soon, and with the pandemic winding down in some areas — but not completely gone — remote work needs are still great.

An IT specialist named Subash Natarajan wrote on The New Stack website that the benefits of multi-cloud can solve several business-world issues:

Using the best provider for the job
By engaging with different companies, multi-cloud allows for using what Natarajan calls “best of breed technology.” Assessing each service and workload together can help with the distribution of data, making sure that each team that works on a project can excel.

A more reliable experience
If there was an outage or attack, having your cloud services in multiple spots means that you can potentially access at least part of your data at all times.

Being agile in more ways than one

Separating usage for AI or storage can also help with long-term planning. You can decide by cost what makes the most sense to your business needs at the time.

Whether it’s the multi-cloud or any other innovation that will be coming our way, AVASO can help with decisions on whether it’s right for you as well as implementation if you decide to take that leap.

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