Confident young businesswoman thinking about workIncreasingly, a group of technological tools that many companies find essential is being grouped into a more significant segment. Such innovations can mean ease of business use and foster more digital transformation.

ITSM, or IT Service Management, brings together these tools in one place, and as trends usually go, it is a rapidly evolving sector of the technology world. Here’s a look at what ITSM means as well as how it’s evolving.

Defining the scope of ITSM

First, though, we need to explain what encompasses ITSM. It isn’t basic IT service or help — it goes beyond this to include every type of technology, including services, devices and apps. It’s a structured practice that can include design, delivery, creation and support.

The important elements of using ITSM tools include these scenarios:

Digital disruption risks: Using ITSM makes the likelihood of outages less prevalent, as it uses consistent, formalized rules and procedures to operate systems.

Cost management: With these tools, you can more efficiently scale operations without additional staff, using the power of automation to decrease manual tasks.

Accountability: Monitoring business activities are made easier as you bring more transparency to service requests and event resolution, all at a centralized location.

The evolving world of ITSM

As it becomes more of a standard, ITSM is also driving changes in the way tech is used. Here’s a look at a few of the most recent evolutions:

The use of AI: Resolving service tickets by automating identifying patterns and responses means that this service can take place sooner while also saving on costs.

Management of IoT: The sprawl of the Internet of Things can make tracking of services and their use difficult, but ITSM can track using automated systems with a holistic approach.

DevOps: ITSM can improve data sharing between developers and operations, making the continuous release cycle more streamlined and deployment more transparent.

Ways AVASO helps with tech support

Having systems in use that bring this new tech to you — and helps with service — is something that AVASO excels at. Our field engineering support team covers IT services in more than 150+ countries around the world, including the U.S., the U.K., Mexico, India and Japan, among many others.

We also can provide practice leaders, solution architects or senior engineers through our professional services program, bringing decades of experience to deploying data center and infrastructure solutions such as ITSM. We also have several staff augmentation programs for specific types of resource gaps or more complex projects.

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