Woman with tablet diagnosing server hardwareIt’s safe to say that the data center you operate can be both a fragile and robust part of your technological business system. That may seem contradictory, but as you may know, system failures and outages are always top-of-mind when putting together the best system for your employee base.

With increases in technology over the last few years, there are some great solutions out there if your data center needs some upgrading. In both software and cloud-based solutions, you will be able to make this critical part of your IT network work more efficiently and reliably.

Taking the temperature of your systems

One aspect of data centers that can always help with efficiency and performance is thermal management. In discovering through testing and maintenance that you need some changes, it may make sense to have a solution for a better cooling system.

And it’s not just part replacement and other hardware installments we’re talking about here. There is sophisticated thermal control and monitoring software that can help reduce energy costs and output, often eliminating some of that hardware that becomes outdated or outmoded.

You may also consider installing remote sensors or upgrading the ones you have to manage temperature and airflow. These can be set to automatically control those elements in the data center for the most efficient cooling capacity.

The melding of resiliency with redundancy

Another concept that will help with potential downtime in a data center involves your network architecture. Having redundancy and resiliency at the same time is key to making this work.

Experts define redundancy as duplicating systems in different areas in order to make sure you have the dependability of your systems in case there’s a need for migration, maintenance, reboots or failures. Resiliency is a little more abstract. It’s the ability your system has to recover with no disruptions.

The good news is that you can build in more redundancy with both devices and hardware as well as in the cloud. Having systems that can integrate well, with routing that has been thoroughly tested and with plans in place in case of the loss of function, is how you can gain the most resiliency possible.

Working with the entire lifecycle of a data center

No matter your needs concerning your data center, AVASO can meet your individual needs. We are able to design and implement systems for storage, backup, recovery and archiving your data.

We also can assess, consult and manage services and support for your computing needs. AVASO is adept at replacing legacy systems with the latest technology, including leveraging the power of virtualization to bring services together in the cloud space.

We can help with building a software-defined data center or with converged infrastructure. By working and planning together, we can work together with you on any performance considerations.

To learn more about how AVASO can truly transform your business, go to avasotech.com.