Adult bearded engineers in server roomTo keep pace with changing technology, businesses need to consider changing the way they approach their network operations. It’s no longer a best practice to stay with the same legacy solutions you’ve had for years, even if they’re reliable.

You could be doing business in a more efficient and impactful way. While the thought of transforming a computer network may seem daunting, it doesn’t have to be that way. A measured approach that balances expertise with planning can make the process go smoothly and can truly make a difference in the way your company operates.

Undertaking a transformation in technology is something that should be thoroughly planned. The Government Technology news website outlines some of the steps that would make the most sense for agencies, but they also apply to businesses. Among their recommendations:

Identifying needs
Before equipment and software are even considered, a business should figure out its main business needs, then find technology partners to help them transform business. Those needs must be tied to the broader strategy of the company to maximize the use of technology.

Work on adaptability
Companies should do thorough implementing and testing new solutions before fully adopting them. This part of the transformation cycle will ensure what’s being installed improves performance and efficiency to the greatest extent

It’s also important to consider the way that your digital transformation will be managed once it is up and running. Tech Target’s website recommends several steps for end-to-end integration that can be valuable in making your systems successful and workable for employees as well as your clients. Here are a couple of things to remember:

Making changes dynamic 

Managing systems requires teams to be flexible when needs increase or need to be powered down at whatever interval makes the most sense for a company at the time. And, it needs to happen at a seconds-based pace, not just days or weeks.

Hybrid working life
Secure connectivity is now a must as most companies are still on a model that mixes office work with home office or remote duties. Ensuring that an end-to-end solution is adaptable to different locations is no longer a luxury — it’s the way that most people are doing business.

What we can do to help

As you leverage technology not only to help customers but also your employees, we can help you decide what will work best to replace legacy systems or other outmoded data or software, among many other duties we can undertake to help you operate at the best level you can be. The goal is for everything to run smoothly for all of your stakeholders.

We also have a Staff Augmentation program with experts in design, architecture, implementation and support. They can ensure that businesses we work with can reduce security risks and fulfill requirements for IT.

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