video conference business colleague comminacation online freelancer distant work laptop man womanIt wasn’t all that long ago that business communication consisted of the telephone, printed memos and the postal service. Today, there have never been more options for employees to communicate, and the ability to have them work together to enhance communication has never been more efficient.

Unified communications for your company or clients serve to create a single platform for voice, video, email, chat, social collaboration and other applications, all of which can be accessed and blended on demand.

Author Steve Landry explains that the benefits of efficient unified communications include:

  • “Increased productivity and efficiency – with one system for communications, your staff and clients don’t need to worry about downloading and installing multiple apps and systems that can’t communicate with each other.” This saves time on work tasks such as scheduling and messaging that can be accessed with one number. You can also have the option for messages to be directed to email or text, allowing you to choose what works best for your employees.
  • “Reduced cost – unified communications systems require less administration and fewer physical servers.”
  • “One point of contact – With all your communications under one system, if there is a problem with any of them you only need to call one customer service number.”
  • “Mobile communication 24/7″ – With unified communications, your employees will have more flexibility in terms of when and where they work. With more and more employees working remotely, by choice or by necessity, this means setting up a remote office from anywhere can be handled easily. Employees can also alternate between working in the office and working remotely without loss of communication.

Is it time for your company or clients to explore the benefits of a unified communications system?

AVASO Technology Solutions can provide expertise in the design, implementation and support of unified communications solutions. With a unified communications solution from AVASO, you can:

  • Increase efficiency by eliminating multiple inboxes
  • Reduce “phone tag” through presence and shared calendaring applications
  • Enhance customer service through easier accessibility

Unified communications solutions can be complex to deploy and typically require extensive integration and customization. Our engineers consult with you to determine opportunities to improve communications and architect a solution that maximizes both time-to-value and return on investment.

We can provide a significant cost savings on development and support to our clients through our innovative solutions, process optimization and service localization without compromising on quality.

Let AVASO show you how to make unified communications work for you, your company and clients.