Asian team Outsource Developer Looking Screen Programming Code WIn the modern business world, outsourcing has become a strong option for those who want to gain a competitive edge while still saving on expenses. It’s also become an important component of a thriving business that needs expert talent to keep up with technology changes.

There’s always a question concerning outsourcing, though: when do I know it’s necessary? While the answer isn’t always clear upfront, there are some specific projects, initiatives and strategic plans that can signal a need for staff augmentation.

First, let’s clearly define what outsourcing means. According to an article in CIO magazine, outsourcing is when specific job functions or services are given to a third party to complete on behalf of an existing business.

As far as IT departments go, it has wide potential. Outsourcing could be for an entire IT department, or it can be more specialized for a specific role or task. Development, quality assurance, networking or disaster planning are just a few examples.

Forbes magazine recently gave some ideas on what outsourcing may solve when comes to specific concerns. Here’s a look at four of the common ones we often see.

A gap in skills needs to be addressed

When it comes to the scalability of a business, it’s important to be ahead of the curve with new technology. If there is a specific project that needs to be completed but is outside of the knowledge or scope of your current staff, then outsourcing would be a viable solution.

Reaching the market faster
If there’s a tight deadline for a product to reach the marketplace, support may be needed in a variety of areas, including IT. Having the expertise and resources to develop and execute on projects

Turnover needs need to be controlled

As in many industries of late, finding the right type of IT staff members can be difficult. Using outsourcing will be able to fill the gaps that can’t currently be found in talent development.

Strategic planning demands to outsource

Whether working on individual projects or the overall strategic plan, it may make sense to outsource IT operations to better build up the business more efficiently and cost-effectively.

Ways we can help with outsourcing needs

Among the services that we provide that involve outsourcing are field engineering support, where we cover IT services in more than 150+ countries around the world, including the U.S., the U.K., Mexico, India and Japan, among many others.

We also can provide practice leaders, solution architects or senior engineers through our professional services program, bringing decades of experience to deploying data center and infrastructure solutions. We also have several staff augmentation programs for specific types of resource gaps or more complex projects.

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