Man working on a laptop. Concept of internet sharing and interconnectionThe rise in the use of machine learning can be startling when you really look at its trajectory of it in the workplace. Although artificial intelligence as a specific discipline around since the early 1950s, the use of more sophisticated systems has meant that it has flourished more in the 21st century than in decades past.

What this means is that many functions of an IT department can now be touched in some way by AI, and that’s especially true of running networks. Let’s look at the components of a network that’s driven by AI and how it can be an advantage for your business.

Applications for modern machine learning

First, let’s talk about what AI and ML are by definition. Artificial intelligence is, in essence, a technology that can mimic intelligent human processes by being taught those processes through machine learning.

There are three main areas that ML comes into play with AI networks: log analysis, security operations and wireless management.

Log analysis: This is where data can be identified in certain ways and then recombined in reports that can be parsed by those who work in IT. This includes seeing hidden patterns, recognizing patterns it has been taught or providing advanced event correlation as needed.

Security operations: Machines can ID security issues and respond to them as quickly as possible. By analyzing behaviors of systems and users in a network, the right kind of SecOps can check for questionable traffic and then respond.

Wireless management: This area is still in its earliest stages, but AI is being used to manage big wi-fi networks as well as cellular radio access networks.

Why an AI network can be a benefit

Even though the true spectrum of what AI and ML can do is still being worked out, there are still clear advantages for a business to start heading toward a full AI network. Among the best aspects are these:

Quickness: You can have systems and sequences working at a faster rate than ever before.

Improved implementation: It’s easier to bring these types of systems up and online than it was in the past without AI.

Risk management: Improvements in AI mean that there is a lower level of risk involved.

Return on investment: With expense at a reasonable pace for the time that is used by staff, it means that the potential is high for a great ROI.

Getting guidance with network options

It’s clear that performance, scalability and resilience are made easier through these types of innovations in technology. AVASO can be your partner in your own transformation. We are able to have our experienced, certified engineers help with integration, design or deployment of many types of network solutions, all geared to your specific business needs.

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