As we’ve discussed in previous blogs, there are many buzzwords that are being adopted by companies around the world. Not every buzzwordA woman works on a computer from home sticks – and some are simply different terms for the same thing.

In a nutshell, “digital resilience” is a concept that encompasses several ideas forming an approach to how businesses carry out their operations. It has been discussed on the World Economic Forum’s and Forbes’ platforms with suggestions on how organisations can make sure they are adhering to this approach. A key factor here is trust.

Keeping your company resilient

The goal of digital resilience is to protect the information you use, whether it comes from customers, employees, or your solutions. Since large companies control the global supply of cloud-based storage options, this can present some challenges.

You can still do things as a small business to make sure your data is secure, including securing your SOC2 reports. It’s also important to keep employees updated on security concerns and to know how to resolve them if they arise.

Better resilience leads to better outcomes

In addition to cybersecurity, it can lead to more customers and a better growth rate as a whole. According to the WEF site, 46% of consumers will switch brands if they are uncertain about the company’s data practices, or if they don’t know how safe they are. In the lucrative millennial and Gen Z markets, this increased to 50%.

Within three years of establishing it, companies that demonstrate digital resilience are 1.6 times more likely than average to see more than 10% percent revenue growth.

Support AVASO can provide

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