man in headphones with laptop listening to musicAs technology evolves, it develops ways to enhance performance, increase workload and automate processes. One such area is virtualization.

This is proven to deliver key business benefits, including increased server utilization, reduced real estate and energy costs, faster application provisioning, streamlined operations, and improved availability and disaster recovery.

Here’s a look at what virtualization comprises and how it can work the best as installed by experts.

How virtualization works

First, it’s a good idea to definite what virtualization truly is. It uses a software solution to split hardware one computer uses into VMs or virtual machines. This means the VMs now have their own libraries, programs and operating systems, all in sync with the host system.

This means that users can now partition one computer into multiple ones, leaving room for other purposes. This can be a true saving grace for storage in various locations and backups of large amounts of data.

Engineers design a virtualized environment that reduces your data center overhead while ensuring that the infrastructure for your data can still meet demanding service-level requirements.

Virtualization also reduces your business’s carbon footprint since the number of servers has been reduced with the VMs. This means you can do your part to be more sustainable and help the environment.

Besting the challenges

There are some pitfalls in using virtualization. If it isn’t approached correctly, it can cause performance bottlenecks, virtual machine sprawl, and system management concerns. It takes engineers with a proven approach to architectures to ensure your data center can utilize virtualization to its best potential.

Here are the four things an engineering team needs to accomplish for virtualization to work:

  • Assess the potential impact of virtualization on the data center environment
  • Select workloads suitable for virtualization
  • Ensure that the computing, storage and network infrastructure can support virtualization
  • Address any software licensing issues

Guiding decisions with time-proven solutions

Whether it’s virtualization or any other innovation coming our way, AVASO can help decide whether it’s right for you and implementation if you choose to take that leap.

As an IT solution provider with offices worldwide, we can design and implement advanced network infrastructures and data center environments scaled to what your capabilities need to continue your progress.

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