113155756_MThe start of any year usually means the technology industry starts rolling out its latest wares for businesses. Although that happens throughout a given year, it’s during early conventions such as the Consumer Electronics Show and through prognosticators in the press that we learn about what’s on the horizon.

We wanted to compile some of this information for you — at least the predictions that we thought carried the most weight for businesses — so you can be prepped to see what might be something to consider. As with every year, there’s plenty to get people excited about the world of technology.

Sustainability is becoming a higher priority

During the CES event, most companies reportedly talked about tech’s environmental impact. This includes work with energy efficiency for processors, reduction of plastic use and more work within the cloud, which has less of a carbon blueprint.

More details on adopting the cloud
Discussions on the most foundational elements of the cloud are still ongoing. This includes strengthening the time and resources used for creating applications, an automatic system for adding capacity as demand dictates, and tracking and spending resources for a company’s products with a more robust monitoring system.

Blending different technologies

More systems and techniques that blend the currently adopted types of tech — AI, cloud, 5G, etc. — are in development to upgrade the way business is done. This also includes a more continuous system for renewing IT architecture so that it may be more pliable and ready for adoption when a new iteration of the technology is ready to be rolled out into the business world.

Further adoption of automation
At this point, businesses are most excited about not AI replacing their IT teams,but for AI being used to do the most manual tasks that take up staff time. Testing, compliance tasks and partitioning can all be achieved through the right “trained” AI or ML device or software.

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